We all know what they are. They go by a lot of names. The walking dead, the relentless dead, reanimated corpse, but of all the names the one that most often springs to mind is simple. Zombie.

Everyone's seen them in movies and on television. From the safety of our couches we've watched them claw their way out of their graves by the glow of a full moon. We laugh as they stagger and stumble through the darkness, descending upon home after home. We joke about what we would do as we watch them break down doors and overwhelm the unlucky families sleeping behind them. But we know it's just a movie, right?

Sure. Just a movie, until one day it wasn't.


Though inspired by series like The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead, the game also pulls influence from any number of zombie films (such as Dawn of the Dead and Day of the Dead). Additionally, the game is set to explore a number of elements, from Betrayal and Denial to Trust, Fear, Humanity, Hope and of course, Teamwork.

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  • One Leg to Stand On - 02/18/19 - Dom, West and Ellington's meal and conversation is interrupted when Gabriel manages upon the caravan.
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